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Irsa Red Ruby Production and Trading Company with registration number 3117 and national ID number 10196005581 with the managing director Mohammad Khani and the internal management and head of the board of directors Mr. Ehsan Khani and the management of international business affairs Mr. Saeed Jalalian has been operating since 2013 by obtaining the necessary permits. It has been able to produce and import all kinds of agricultural equipment and seedlings and seeds of greenhouse plants, as well as equip and sell imported machinery with half experienced experts and production managers to guarantee quality and international trade with quality products and services.
Yaqut Sorekh Irsa Trading Company, considering the scope of activities in carrying out customs affairs and importing and equipping agricultural machinery, in compliance with quality assurance standards and after-sales services to customers according to ISO standards and proper effectiveness and expanding customer-oriented models in the service of merchants and individuals who are producers and consumers.
In the future, Irsa Red Ruby Company plans to import, produce, and market its side products in addition to the import of agricultural machinery and equipment for the production of various types of orchid seeds and seeds.
Providing customer service is one of our main work plans. Accordingly, all our efforts have been to provide customer satisfaction and a good shopping experience in the minds of our dear customers.

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Arshian Dental Clinic

Arshian Dental Clinic is set up to provide comprehensive dental services using the most advanced painless dental techniques.there for , all the equipment (from imaging devie to surgical unit) is selected from the top brands in the world and the best dental materials are used in the treatment of patients.

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